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Providing geotechnical engineering consultancy including foundation design, development of specifications and quality control criteria and methods for geotechnical engineering works,  supervision and interpretation of geotechnical investigation works,  supervision of ground improvement works, design and supervision of remediation works for problematic Grounds, Specialised Technical Consultancy and supervision of geotechnical works for major projects involving reclamation works, difficult ground, etc. To mention some of these projects: several tall towers in Dubai along Shaikh Zayed Road (including world tallest tower- Burj Khalifa), Abu Dhabi, Marina Projects in Dubai, major projects encountering land reclamation and problematic foundations in some parts of UAE, Jumeirah Beach Residences in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah(fronds, trunk, and major part of crescent ), Nakheel Palm Jebel Ali, Nakheel World Islands, Nakheel Palm Deira, Port jebel Ali Quay 4, Arab Canal in Dubai, Medical City in Dubai, several highways in Jordan, Dubai Maritime City, Dubai World Trade Center New Development, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Egypt Jordan Under Water Cable through Gulf of Aqaba, several embankment dams in Jordan, King Abdalla Hospital in Jordan, Al-Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi, Remediation of problematic grounds for buildings and roads, including but not limited to proiving stabilization measures to swelling and collapsible in Jordan, landslides along jordanian Highways (cut slopes and embankments), etc. Provided specialised consulting services to Dubai World Projects in several parts of the world (such as Djibouoti New Port Development and others).





Offering Services to a number of UAE and Middle Eastern Government agencies, regional and international consultancies including: NAKHEEL, Dubai World, Emaar, Jordan Ministry of Public Works and Housing, UAE Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Jordan Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Turner International, ALDAAR Properties Abu Dhabi, Asteco Property Management, BG&E Engineers, Dubai Development and Investment Authority, Hyder Consulting, Dames and Moore Int., Tebbodin International, Keller, Arif & Bin Touk Consulting, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Quade Int., BG&E Engineer Ltd, Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners, NGI, CDM Int., Geo National Survey, Foundations and Ground Engineering AG Consultants, ENTERCANALES Spanish Consultants, Dar Al-Handasah Consultant(Shair and Partner), American Univ of Sharjah, Jordan Valley Authority, Higher Council of Science and Technology in Jordan, SALINI, Jouzy and Partners, Salzagetr Consulting, ACE, UNESCO, ESCWA, Al-Hamad Contracting, Dynamic Engineering Consultants, Al-Habtoor Contracting, Jebel Ali FZ Authority, Clifton Coney Stevens Ltd, Foudation Construction Engineering, APCC Contracting, Fujairah Government, Royal Scientific Society in Jordan, Informap in Dubai, and others.





i) Expert advise/consultancy, analysis, design and supervision of geotechnical aspects of dredging, land reclamation, shoring protection, earth fill, foundation, and offshore works.

ii) Establishment of terms of reference for geotechnical investigation studies (field and lab testing) required for ensuring safe and economic design and durable construction of land reclamation works, buildings and infrastructure development on rock and soil. 

iii) Evaluate and interpret results of geotechnical site and lab investigations, and make recommendations on:  i) suitability of project site and most appropriate type of foundation considering structure, ground conditions and cost and time constraints, ii) requirement of ground improvement, and stabilization measures to ensure achieving targeted  level of safety, and iii) rock/soil material engineering design parameters for geotechnical works.

iv) Develop quality control procedures (sampling technique, field and lab testing,  verification procedure, etc) to ensure delivery of geotechnical  material (e.g. rock armour quarry run, filter material, dredged and land fill material, etc) in full compliance with targeted specifications and standards. 

v) Establish design criteria and conduct analysis and design of geotechnical works dealing with soil and rock material (e.g. shallow and deep (piling) foundations, ground improvement works, diaphragm walls, embankments, shoring protection works, earth and retaining structures, underground excavation support works, tunnels, ground water control system, etc).

vi) Develop earthquake design parameters and response spectrum for design of buildings and infrastructure considering regional tectonics and local geology and soil/rock conditions.

vii) Develop a workable investigation plan for selecting best dredging material and dredging sites for use in land reclamation for upcoming Client projects to ensure full compliance with targeted specifications and avoid problems of liquefaction, excessive fines content, weak materials, piping erosion, creep settlement, and other durability related problems. Evaluation of properties of dredged material based on such studies and make recommendations.

viii) Recommend best practices for land reclamation works and most effective methods of ground improvement works for each type of dredging material ensuring compliance with safety and design requirements (settlement, bearing capacity and resistance to liquefaction), cost requirements and optimum time of execution.

ix) Recommend specifications, codes of practice and quality control methodologies for land reclamation geotechnical works.

x) Review, make recommendations and certification of method statements for geotechnical engineering works submitted by the contractors (e.g.  ground improvement, piling, shoring, etc).

xi) Recommend geotechnical practices and materials that meets the requirements of safety, cost effectiveness and timely execution.

xii) Participate in technical meetings representing Client.

xiii) Third party review of geotechnical studies, design, specifications and make recommendations.

xiv) Provide all needed geotechnical advise to Client.

xv)   Conduct individual or joint routine site visits representing Client for inspection and recommendation.

xvi) Recommend and supervise monitoring program of geotechnical works (e.g. settlement, pore pressure, erosion etc)

xvii) Conduct value engineering analysis of geotechnical works


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